Job Ready!

The job market is competitive so what a young person learns in Job Ready! will help set them apart from other employment seekers. The facilitator of this course brings a wealth of experience having been an employer for more than 30 years. Additionally, she was responsible for teaching and training other managers and supervisors in a multi-state region on numerous human resource and supervisory topics. Not only will the Participant receive help creating a resume, they will also learn how to accurately complete a job application. In addition to improving their communication skills and learning conflict management methods they will explore the differences in people and personalities to aid in their tolerance and understanding of others. Participants learn about work ethic principles that will help them maintain employment. If a Participant has work history or even criminal history that would pose obvious concerns to prospective employers, in this course, the Participant will receive guidance about those issues. The course is topped off with a required two-day unpaid internship with a local employer. Not only does the internship demonstrate the valued “pay it forward” concept, the Participant will be evaluated by the employer in several areas that matter to all employers. Following the internship, the Participant will receive an Interview Folder containing Resume Packets (resume, certificate of completion and the internship evaluation), a Job Search Log and suggestions of employment possibilities based upon previous work experience, skill sets, career discussions, education, education planning, etc.

This is a three-day course followed by a two-day internship. The course is typically taught twice per month. Call 903.803.0100 to register. The course is free.


Transitional Housing

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As the recipient of a grant from the Department of Housing & Urban Development, D.O.R.S. placed its first homeless Participants in their Transitional Housing Program in the spring of 2013. The program serves homeless 18 to 25 year old Participants. It is a 12-month program that provides weekly individual life skills training and programming and monthly group facilitation that has proven to successfully guide Participants to the ability to become self-sufficient at the end of the 12-month program. Interested Participants must first register as a Participant in the D.O.R.S. Youth Transition Center actively working on their Transition Plan goals. A separate application for the Transitional Housing Program would be completed and eligible Participants would then be placed on a waiting list. When an opening occurs, the Participant at the top of the waiting list is placed in housing. The waiting list is not static—it is not on a first-come, first-served basis. By demonstrating commitment and perseverance in successfully completing Transition Plan goals, Participants can move toward the top of the waiting list. Participants in this year-long housing program are surrounded by supportive people—both from the staff at D.O.R.S. and from facilitators—those partnering with D.O.R.S. to provide education and assistance to help young people never have to experience homelessness again!

To apply, call 903.803.0100 and schedule an appointment.


Operation: Turnaround

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Everyone has experienced something in our life that we wish hadn’t happened. Whether a young person has a pattern of bad choices or if it’s the very first time that a bad decision has resulted in being placed on probation, if the Participant is serious and committed to getting out of the criminal justice system once and for all, the Operation: Turnaround program at D.O.R.S. can help. Operation: Turnaround provides a weekly opportunity to partner with D.O.R.S. to receive support, guidance and encouragement to successfully meet all conditions of probation. Once a month, Operation: Turnaround provides the opportunity to learn from and ask questions of someone who has successfully separated him or herself from the criminal justice system permanently. The testimonies and advice are powerful!

To join this group of over-comers, call 903.803.0100 and schedule an appointment!