Our Community

Longview monumentLongview is nestled in the piney woods of East Texas, one hour west of Shreveport, Louisiana and two hours east of Dallas, Texas. According to the most recent U.S. Census (2010), the population of Longview is approximately 80,500 and the median age of the community is 34.4.

The largest industries in the Longview Labor Market Draw Area by employment are oil & gas, manufacturing and healthcare.


Population of young people ages 15 – 25 in the City of Longview (2010 Census Bureau Data):

15 to 19 years – 5,867 or 7.2%

20 to 24 years – 6,014 or 7.4%

Poverty In Our Community:

  • Percentage of persons living in Longview below the poverty level, 2009-2013 was 17.2% –quickfacts.census.gov
  • More than 25% of Texas children live in poverty – and living conditions for children in Gregg and surrounding counties are even worse. Despite its growing economy, Gregg County’s poverty rate for children under 17 was just shy of 30%. –Longview News-Journal, 2012